My 2013 Christmas Wishlist #1 - Clothes Edition

I hate it when it gets towards Christmas time and my family ask "what do you want for Christmas this year?" because I never have any ideas. If I want something, I generally save up and buy it, or decide that it's not worth the money, so there's never anything I need.

However, when I have spare time I do tend to take a virtual stroll round the online shops to find some inspiration, and so I've come up with a few pieces that I would love to own.

1. Batwing Geometric Cardigan - She Inside
2. Crimson Metallic Skirt - Romwe
3. Lace Collar Pleated Dress - Romwe
4. Peter Pan Collar Dress - Romwe
5. Amelida Suede Leather Studded Bag - La Moda

What's on your Christmas list this year?