Birthday Week #1

Sorry I've not posted for agggggges, it's been a busy week or so turning 21! Although I hate birthdays becasue the thought of getting older depresses me more than anything, I had quite a few different celebrations planned to help me feel a bit happier.

On the 9th October my family and I went to London for the day, and in the evening saw Radiohead at the O2.Radiohead are one of my favourite bands and this is the second time I've seen them, so needless to say I was pretty excited.

The concert was incredible and the rest of the day was brilliant too, here's a few pictures;

Then on the 10th (my actual birthday) we got the ferry over to the Isle of Wight, bringing Cooper (my dog) with us, and spent the day eating fish and chips on beaches, driving round the island and drinking in pubs. At one point my dad told me to close my eyes as he had a surprise, and he lead me out of the car and stood me in front of a shop.

When I opened them, we were at a pick-your-own pearl shop. I did this when I was 2 in Wales and had a necklace made out of the pearl I picked (you choose an oyster, they open it and the pearl inside is yours). Unfortunately, me being stupid I lost the necklace when I was drunk which was really upsetting, so this time it was to get a replacement.

The necklace I had made, with the pearl attached, is below:

This weekend, I got the train to one of my best friends house where she goes to Uni, in Exeter. There, her friends surprised me with decorations and a chocolate birthday cake, which was lovely. Then the drinking began and we all got pretty merry.

Next weekend is my birthday party, which I imagine will get pretty messy, and the photos may not be suitable for sharing here! But I will do my best, even if it is just an outfit post.