Birthday Week #2

Last time I posted (feels like a lifetime ago) I had been to Radiohead and then to the IOW for my birthday celebrations.

This past weekend was the final part of that, as I had a 21st birthday party in the pub in which I work at the weekend. To be honest I'm still suffering from the hangover now (three days on) so this post will mainly be pictures.

My friends came down from their various universities for it, and I invited lots of people who I used to go to school with, as well as people I work with and members of my family. My mum and dad went down the pub slightly earlier than me to set up the music and the lights, and it turns out they had also stuck up some baby photos as well - pretty embarrassing.

It was a great night, the playlist I slaved over for weeks went down well and everyone got royally smashed. We even made a couple of hundred pounds for a local cancer hospice, by selling vodka jelly shots a £1 each.

Here's a few pictures from the night so you can see my outfit and the gradual stages of drunkenness kicking in.