More Primark Winter Goodies and Outfits

First off I'm going to have to apologise for the photos I use on this blog. At the moment I don't have a way of taking them with a proper camera (although I do own a DSLR, I don't have a tripod, or someone to take them for me) so iPhone photos are all I can offer for now. I have just ordered a remote control for the camera which will hopefully allow me to take pictures without pressing the button the running into some sort of pose, but until then you can get a basic idea of the outfits with these pictures and I'll replace them when I can.

So anyway. It's bloody freezing in the UK now, well down in the south it is anyway and I do not have enough woolly jumpers to get me through a week. Well now I do, but I didn't. So knowing that Primark had amazing jumpers at the moment, I took a trip there on one of the late night shopping evenings, and stocked up.

This jumper dress is a bit short on me to wear during the day or to work without leggings, but I think on a night out with some little boots and some black tights it'd keep me warm and snuggly whilst still being pretty on trend. The gold colour is a sort of metallic thread so has a christmassy feel to it, but not so much that it's weird wearing it in October.

I'll probably have to wear this with a top underneath as it's not particularly thick.

This white loose knit jumper is so cute, and really soft which is a bonus. It's pretty sheer so could be worn during the day with a tank top underneath, or in the evening with a cream/white bra, as I did on Friday night for a birthday party.  I'm wearing it here on it's own with my blue Missguided disco pants.
I love this skirt more than anything. It's a leather look one, and I've seen it on lots of bloggers recently, but I just had to have it. It's a basic circle skirt, though the leathery material means it's quite full and keeps it's "A" shape which is really flattering, plus it's heavier than others meaning it's a bit more safe for the breezy autumn months.

I paired it with this grey long leeved T-Shirt (which is actually an asymmetric shape and very long) and my Miss Selfridge lace collar. I'll need to wear this with tights really, but I just love the cute maid look about this.
All these pieces (except if stated otherwise) are from Primark, and were only bought recently so will still be in the shops. They were all between £8 and £15, so absolute bargains!

Have you picked up any autumn/winter bargains recently?