VO5 "Plump It Up" Styling Range Review

Recently I've been getting pretty lazy with styling my hair during the week, mainly because getting up at 7 is disgusting and cold and dark, so the last thing I wanted to be doing was washing my hair and spending 20mins drying it properly.

So I needed some products that would allow me to style my hair the evening before, and wake up with my hair still relitavely styled and full, not flat and frizzy. And luckily for me, I think I've finally found those products.

These VO5 Plump It Up styling products were on sale for 2 for £5 at Boots this week, so I thought I'd take a gamble and have a go with them even though I haven't read any reviews. I picked up the Weightless Mousse and the Volumising Spritz, as to be honest they were the only options in the tiny Boots shop up the road.

The Weightless Mousse works just like any other mousse - rake through damp hair then blowdry. However, as soon as you squirt this mousse into your hand you can tell the difference from cheaper products on the market (such as the basic Tesco value one I normally buy!). It's not sticky, and it's light and foamy rather than thick, which makes brushing it through your hair a lot easier, and saves a lot of product.

The Volumising Spritz is also used in damp hair, where you spray it into the roots before blow drying. You don't need a lot of this, as I found out after my first try which left my hair looking like someone from the 80s.

I've only used these products together, so I can't really say which one makes the most difference to my hair and which works the best, however what I can say is that if I wash and style my hair at 7pm with these products, when I wake up at 7am the next morning my hair will still be full and "plump", meaning I can get a bit of an extra lay-in!

An extra bonus with these, is that they're both "heat defence" products so whilst you're using them you know you're getting that extra bit of protection against the heat of the hair dryer, which is nice.