Primark Purchases - Woolly Jumpers and Peter Pan Collars

I've been meaning to go to Primark ever since I saw a post on a website somewhere detailing their new Autumn 2012 collection, and on Friday I finally had a (very short) opportunity.

Primark standards have really gone up in the past year, and they're doing a lot of copies of the main highstreet shops like Topshop, Miss Selfridge etc. Obviously this means their prices have had to take a bit of a hike as well, but honestly some of the things I find in there are amazing, at about 1/4 of the price.

I only had a maximum of half an hour shopping time as I was meeting family for a meal, so I was a bit rushed, but still managed to pick up a few bits and bobs.

First off - get yourself some Primark woolly jumpers. I am wearing one while I type and I honestly could not be happier with the quality. I ended up buying three round necked woolly jumpers in red, peach and blue. Each was between £8-£12, which considering the price you would pay for a jumper which is, less face it, pretty much the same in Topshop, is an absolute bargain. The shape on them is really flattering, which was lucky because I didn't actually have a chance to try them on before buying, and I bought one size bigger than I normally would because you just have to with jumpers don't you? They're also incredibly soft and all go well with leggings, jeans or a tube skirt.

Speaking of tube skirts, I picked up a body-con style maroon tube skirt for £4. It's quite long, so could be used as a high waisted pencil skirt, but I tend to pull it up round my waist and wear it as a mini-skirt, with a jumper or a shirt.

The thing I really wanted to go to Primark for though was a peter pan collar necklace. I'd seen they were selling these on various blogs, and I've been desperate for one for months but couldn't justify spending the prices I was seeing. £6 got me this gorgeous pearl style collar which can be worn with jumpers or dresses to dress them up a bit more. It's not overly glitzy either which is good because I wanted to wear it to work.

I also bought a somewhat jazzy collar, with jewel embellisments. It'll probably be for nights out as it's quite "out there" for the daytime, but I'll probably wear it with a skater dress and toned down accessories. Again, this was £6, absolute bargain!

Plus, bonus picture of my amazing Matalan £10 chelsea boots! They're a lot brighter in person but I love the fabric, and they're pretty damn comfy too - no blisters to speak of so far.

Ps. Sorry for the crappy photos, I was going to take some proper pictures of all my purchases but just haven't had the time/inclination (its cold and wintery alright?!)