Recent Purchases - Missguided Disco Pants And Bargain Boots

Well, it's definitely Autumn in England now, isn't it? So wet and grey outside, makes you never want to venture outside again.

However, it is a great excuse to buy new A/W pieces! Which I have officially started this week.

First off is a bargain that has officially made my week, and it's only Wednesday. I've been wanting a pair of chelsea boots for ages, but haven't found a pair that have really struck me as amazing and worth the huge amounts I keep seeing them for. Until now!

These purple velvet chelsea boots were only £10 from, wait for it, Matalan! I never look in Matalan for anything, because it tends to be a bit old lady-ish, but these boots are beautiful and an absolute steal. Even better, postage was only £1 (I chose the £2 next day delivery option because I'm hugely impatient). I can't wait to wear these with some cosy leggings or even with a simple dress, tights and cardigan.

I've also been lusting over disco pants for a few months, even since I saw the original American Apparel ones on their website. However, this is me we're talking about, and £70 is a lot of money.

So instead of shelling out a huge amount on one pair of, lets face it, glorified leggings, I took to Missguided and ordered two pairs, for under £30!

I chose a navy blue pair of "Frenchy" high waisted disco pants, for a teeny tiny £9.99, and a more structured pair of "Romana" buttoned disco pants in black for £25.99. These will look great on cold days with some boots (possibly my new chelsea boots!) and a loose knit jumper, and in the summer paired with a slouchy t-shirt by day, or a sheer blouse by night.

The best thing about Missguided is they provide a 15% off student discount for NUS holders or Unidays members! I would seriously recommend signing up to Unidays, they do great discounts.

Anyway, I've tried these on briefly and they both seem ridiculously comfortable, far more so than I was expecting. The navy Frenchy's have an amazing sheen on them, making legs seem longer and slimmer, and the high waist is very flattering, smoothing out any lumps and bumps. These are comfortable just like leggings but suck you in more - if you've tried Black Milk leggings before, these have the same sort of smoothing effect.

The black Romana's are a thicker, studier material, more structured than the Frenchy's, and have a zip and button fastening. I was worried that these would feel too tight on me (I'm not exactly a size 8!) but they fit perfectly, acting like magic pants around the belly area without giving a muffin top look. The legs aren't as tight fitting as leggings, and I'd compare them to cigarette pants, looser round the ankles. I'm quite a short-ass so I'm going to turn mine up at the bottoms when wearing with ballet pumps, but they'll be fine turned down in boots or with heels.

Have you made any bargain purchases this week?