New Makeup Brushes and A More Hygenic Storage System

I'm pretty bad with the whole hygiene aspect of cosmetics and makeup in general - I don't really wash my brushes as much as I should do, and I don't chuck out my old products after 6 months (I can never use them up that quickly!).

But even I know that storing the brushes in a wooden box with all my other makeup is a bit icky - dust, old eyeliner shavings and congeiled face powder isn't ideal to wipe across my face every day, and I've started to notice I'm breaking out a lot more often nowadays, so anything I can do to stop that is a bonus.

Instead of going through the effort of deep cleaning my existing (old) brushes which, to be honest, were falling apart, today I thought I'd treat myself to some new brushes, and a new "storage system" to hopefully keep them a bit cleaner for longer.

I only stretched to the superdrug own brand brushes though (I'm on a budget okay!) but they were a massive bargain;

Left to Right: Eyeshadow Brush £2.49, Eyeshadow Blending Brush £1.99,  Powder Brush £2.99 and Bronzing Brush £2.99!

I then visited K's Market, a shop down the road from where I work that sells pretty much anything (very random shop - kind of like a pound shop but nothing's a pound), to pick up my new brush holder - a bathroom toothbrush cup £1.35, and some silver decorative glass sand £2.50.

I've put half of the tub of sand in the cup, then placed my new brushes into it, handle side up, to keep them from touching dirty surfaces.

However, just as a tip - don't dry your brushes like this! The water will run down into the handle and loosen the glue, meaning they'll fall apart quicker than you'd expect.