It's Winter? Time For All Black Everything

It's officially cold in England now. Cold enough for me to want to wear socks to bed (but I don't, because that's just wrong).

In the summer, I was all about pin-up styles, cute dresses and colour. But now it's bitter and frosty outside I'm tending to gravitate towards blacks, navys, deep reds and purples. This is pretty handy, because it seems the "gothic grunge" trend is in in highstreet shops at the moment, which suits me just fine.

However, trying not to look bland and dull in dark colours can be difficult, especially when everyone's buying the same pieces from the same shops.

So for once in my life, I've been investing in accessories. Mainly rings, I have to say, but also long necklaces and earcuffs and earrings.

Jewellery can make a plain black t-shirt look much more expensive, and can change the look of it so you could, theoretically, wear the same t-shirt every day for a week without it looking the same, just by adding a necklace. At the moment, New Look have a sale on a lot of their jewellery, and I've got a few long necklaces there myself. I usually choose quite muted colours for my necklaces meaning they can be worn with all kinds of outfits, and silver or black chains do the job nicely.

Other than necklaces though, I am absolutely addicted to rings. Luckily, Asos have some beauties in right now, so I treated myself to three gorgeous babies.

The top left ring is adjustable at the back, which is great for my ever changing finger sizes (bigger in the heat, smaller in the cold). The deep black stone is cut to catch the light, and has smaller black stones set round the "frame". It's quite large, going right down (up?) to my middle knuckle. This was £6 in the sale.

The top right ring is also adjustable, in kind of a spring fastening rather than the claw type fastening of the last ring. It's quite a shiny silver metal, made up of lots of rounded squares and circle shapes, and is also a large ring, covering my knuckle, quite like a shield really. This was also £6.

The final ring is actually made of 18ct gold plated silver and is therefore more expensive, at £15. The stone in the centre is a dark black onyx, surrounded by a rope design. This ring stands proud of the finger, so is very much a statement piece (could also do some damage to a face haha). I was unsure about this ring at first because it is so big, but I think that with a plain outfit it could really stand out and be a talking point.

Have you found any jewellery bargains recently? And have you found your style changing with the weather?