Happy New Year! - My Pop Art/Roy Lichenstein Costume

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good evening and didn't suffer too much on New Years Day.

I worked this year - the pub I work in hosted a private fancy dress party with the theme of America, which meant that I got to dress up, drink, and get paid as well!

I've wanted to try out a Roy Lichenstein costume for a while now after seeing tutorials all over the place, and luckily the guy is American so I could get away with it for this party.

Here's my effort (the tutorial I used it at the bottom of the page should you want to try it out yourself!)

It took three hours in total, which included having both of my parents spotting my limbs and the back of my neck for me. It also took half an hour to get off in the shower, and I'm still finding left over spots today!

As most tutorials just focused on the makeup, I didn't know what clothes to wear so I thought I'd stick with the spotty theme and luckily found the perfect dress in New Look a month or so back, and paired it with some plain white plimsols.

I got lots of good comments about it, even though loads of people had absolutely no idea what I was meant to be, they said I looked cool anyway.

So here's the tutorial for you - I found this one to be the easiest to follow, but you'll need to pause it along to way to do each part because the girl goes pretty fast.

What did you get up to this New Year? Do you have any resolutions?