New Camera Lens - Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens

I've had my trusty Nikon D60 even since I started Photography A Level at college, in 2008. It cost over £300 and was a massive investment, even though I only bought the basic set up.

However, now I've started blogging I've noticed how basic the pictures look when taking them from this camera compared to those other people take. There's notdepth of field, meaning it lacks that gorgeous background blur that many well established bloggers have in their images.

I was going to buy a whole new camera, but I was loathed to sell or forget about that expensive one hiding away under my bed, forgotten about like an old toy.

After some research I found that I didn't really need a new camera, it was just a new lens that would take my pictures from basic to pretty, so yesterday I upgraded to a Nikon 50mm Lens. 50mm lenses are recommended widely among portrait photographers, as it allows for that depth of field I was talking about.

It's pretty expensive at £164, however this is reduced from £199 so now is the time to get one if you were already looking into it. The one I purchased has auto focus, as my camera doesn't have that built in, however if your camera does have it built in then you can get away with this one, which is half price at £82.

It's being dispatched soon so I'll add a review here when it's arrived, however I wanted to put a post up now while there are still some in stock at a reduced price.

What camera/lens setup do you use?