H&M "For Audrey" Lipstick Review - Plus New Camera Lens!

In my post from a week ago I talked about the new camera lens I had ordered, a 50mm NIKKOR f/1.8mm lens that I would be using on my Nikon D60.

The lens arrived far quicker than I expected, and as soon as it did I couldn't wait to get home and have a play on it. My first few pictures were honestly pretty crappy, but I feel like I'm slowly getting the hang of it, so thought I'd use the lens and camera to take photographs for my review of H&M's For Audrey lipstick review.

(Please remember, I'm still learning so these pictures aren't perfect!)

If I'm honest, I never knew H&M did makeup, and even if I did know I don't think it would have been my first place to search for lipsticks.

However, one day I was in there just having a browse and saw a whole wall of lipsticks, in some pretty lush colours. Even better, they were all £3.99, bargain or what.I took two home with me that day, and this colour For Audrey is the first I'll be reviewing.

It's a deep red wine colour, and matches perfectly the base colour of the tube (which is handy because H&M lipsticks are in plastic packets making it a bit tricky to see inside).

For Audrey applies really nicely, I didn't need to use a brush or a lip pencil for this (although it does look brighter over one), however it does feel quite...waxy? I suppose. That's the best word I can think of to describe it. It initially has quite a glossy finish, but after blotting it leaves a gorgeous matte red which is one of my favourites at the moment.

Compared to more expensive brands, I'd say H&M lipstick performs pretty well. It lasts a few hours before needing to reapply, which for only £3.99 is to be expected,