Ebay Sale! Designer Jeans and Everyday Clothes

Hiya guys.

It's been ages since I've writtena  post here - family problems and lack of new products/clothes have kind of meant I've neglected the blog a bit. Sorry about that.

However, I have added loads of new stuff to my ebay account for sale, a few pairs of designer jeans and some blouses/trousers, as well as some kids clothes! (I sell clothes on behalf of friends, so these aren't all mind, I don't even have a kid!).

Here are all of my current listings, all prices are pretty low at the moment as there are no bids yet so get in there quick! There are some flip flops and sandals there as well which have never been worn, perfect for holidays and the summer.

By the way, tomorow it will be a month since I officially started growing my hair out, so I will be posting a progress picture up here at some point so you can see how much it's grown. I'll also tell you which parts of my routine I think have helped the most.