Matalan £5 Shoe Event - My Purchases

Matalan currently have a £5 shoe event which ends Sunday, and as you know I'm addicted to buying new shoes so I couldn't help myself.

There's quite a few options still available in most sizes, most of which are flats and perfect for just everyday wear.

Here's the pairs that I bought, for £20 in total with a saving of £26. 
These shoes are all pretty basic but are good for work or with a busy outfit, and should be quite comfortable for daily wear.

Delivery is quite expensive at £3.50, so I recommend ordering them to a local matalan store and then picking them up when they arrive, as this option is free. Or, Matalan have free delivery for orders over £50 butyou'll have to make the total up with some other shopping as the £5 shoe event if limited to 5 pairs per customer.