Growing Out A Pixie Cut - Week ??

You might have noticed I haven't uploaded any update pictures for my hair growth diary this month.

I am still growing my hair out, but just over a week ago I did something I could never in a million years imagine myself doing - I got a weave.

I'd already bought some clip in extensions but they were annoying to put in and they didn't blend well with my short layers as I could never figure out the best place to put them (also trying to see the back of your head is obviously impossible!) so I thought why not just get them sewn in and save me the hassle.

The weave lasts 3 months, but needs tightening every 2-3 weeks really as it slips a bit. It also (if not installed too tightly) is beneficial for hair growth as you don't wash your hair as much or use damaging heated devices on it. This means that when I take the weave out, my hair should be considerably longer than before it went in.

Since having long hair I've felt like a bit of a mermaid if I'm honest. I dress differently and feel different - more girly and confident I guess. So, to make the most of it, I dyed my hair lilac again.

Here's a couple of pictures to show the weave and the colour:

The weave will be taken out in early July (if not before - I could totally ruin the extensions by over straightening/curling them!) so my progress pictures will be back then.