Miss Selfridge Summer Collection 2013 Wishlist

Miss Selfridge have recently released their Summer Collection for 2013, which they describe as being made up of "casual folk-inspired separates and contrasting statement prom dresses".

After having a look, I'm basically in love with all the pieces and really really want to get my hands on a few for summer and my holiday to France in July. The prints and fabrics they've used are so pretty and cute that you can just imagine yourself sitting in a beach-side restaurant as the sun goes down, sipping a cocktail and catching the last few rays.

Now I know the black cut out boots don't really fit with the rest of the wishlist, but I've been desperate for a pair for so long now and these ones are just beautiful. I also think they'd be good for the days where you visit tourist attractions that require a lot of walking, paired with some ripped denim shorts and a loose white vest top - all with tanned limbs and tousled beach hair of course.