Hey Hey We're The Monkeys

I am a huge huge animal person, I prefer animals to humans most of the time to be honest. So when me and 4 friends from the pub I work at visited Longleat yesterday, I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

Longleat is more of an animal safari park than a zoo, in that the animals aren't all locked away in baron cages with nothing to do. The main attraction of Longleat is that you can drive through a safari trail, large enclosures with different kinds of animals in each pen.

We got up close and personal with lions, tigers, cheetahs, rhinos, wolves and best of all (in my opinion), MONKEYS!

The monkey section is not a place to take your favourite ferrari. The signs before you enter the monkey enclosure are very clear in warning you that your car will get damaged, pooped on and generally beaten up by the inquisitive little things, and they weren't lying.

Fortunately for us, our car wasn't damaged at all, but we did see cars with bent and snapped aerials and missing band windscreen wipers.

We drove through the monkey enclosure 3 times in total, attacting them to our car in a variety of (naughty) ways (giving them food), and making an absolute state of the car. I managed to get some good photographs though and we had an amazing day, probably the best day I've had this year.

Here's some pictures for you to get an idea of how up close we were to these animals: