MUA £1 Nail Varnish and Free Eye Palette

It's been one of those days where you just want to curl up and cry today.

A clothing delivery arrived for me this morning, and neither of the dresses fit/looked right, so they went straight back.

The weather is miserable and typical England.

It's a Monday.


So, to cheer myself up without buying food and gorging myself into an early death, I visited the Superdrug up the road in my lunch hour, and discovered MUA (Makeup Academy). I've been kind of aware of MUA for a while but never looked at their stuff or prices, but I was very pleasantly surprised!

£1 nail varnishes EVERYWHERE!

They have lots of cute colours too, of which I bought 8 (because you can never have too many nail varnishes), and got a free MUA Eyeshadow Palette! I've only just got into using eyeshadow as I've never been able to figure out how to stop it creasing in my hooded eyelids, but this palette has lots of colours to choose from and will be interesting to experiment with.

The colours of nail polishes I chose are: All Nude (pale cream/white), Shade 12 (a light "Barbie" pink, Frozen Yoghurt (lilac/violet), Shade 13 (a metallic forest green), Shade 6 (a darker, more purpley pink), Shade 1 (glittery midnight blue), Shade 23 (khaki green), and Shade 5 (a turquoise/minty green).

So far I've only used Frozen Yoghurt, and I have to say for such a cheap polish it has good coverage and goes on well, not too thin, not too gloopy. It took two coats to give a good opaque colour, and dried surprisingly quickly.

(Apologies for my disgusting cuticles - I'm a biter.)

I've had a quick play around with the "Immaculate Collection" eyeshadow palette, which blends nicely but seems to need quite a few layers to build up a decent colour, especially with the bright shades such as cobalt blue and the glittery green. However, maybe these could be used with a damp brush as an eyeliner.

As an added bonus, of course I used my superdrug beauty card which meant I could pick up some points!

Have you used any of MUA products? What do you think?