Who Wears Short Shorts?

Earlier this year I took my first trip to Brighton, and visited the Laines.

I just wish I had done it sooner.

I think Brighton is where I need to end up later in life, because it is perfect. The clothes, hair and makeup styles there are incredible, and everyone is so comfortable with looking different that it's pretty encouraging - we don't all have to look like clones afterall!

Anyways, while I was down there I went into an amazing little shop called Dirty Harry, which specialises in men and women's vintage grunge/punk clothes. The ground floor is mainly men's jumpers, shirts and leather jackets, from which I've bought a few bits and bobs before, but the top floor is where I really found my heaven.

The room is full of racks of vintage Levi shorts, in all shapes, sizes and colours, for around £25 a pair. On the wall are signs advertising an extra service they provide; that if you pay about £10, you can have your shorts customised in a variety of different ways - patches, fraying, studs, bleaching.

What a great idea, simple and easy to do but will be popular for years, because Levi's just never go out of fashion.

And that is where my own shorts customising "business" started (I can't really call it a business because I make these shorts for fun and just sell them on to my friends).

I am only skilled enough to use studs and rips to decorate the shorts I make, however I am proud of how it's done and how I've improved in such a short amount time.

Customising your clothes yourself can be so rewarding, and save a lot of money! I've included a few pictures of shorts I made for friends, I hope you like them :)