My Kryptonite: Soap & Glory

Ever since I saw their gorgeous vintage style packaging with witty quotes and beautiful ladies, I've been addicted to Saop and Glory products. I know that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but when it comes to smellies, scrubs and bubbles I really do.

Unfortunately, compared to some other similar products, Soap and Glory are quite expensive, most products being over the £10 mark. However, in this case, I really do think it's worth it.

Soap and Glory have a range of products from face creams, to body scrubs, to makeup, and they all come in beautiful packaging. Not only this, but all of their products smell incredible, a mix between sweet, floral and musky which makes bath or shower time far more enjoyable.

I already own the Flake Away scrub, which I use on my dry skin on my legs and the backs of my arms, and I can honestly say it's the only thing that has ever worked. I've also got their The Righteous Butter which I use after scrubbing my skin, and this is amazing at keeping your skin looking smooth and silky and smelling amazing. As well as these two, I use the Scrub Your Nose In It face scrub and mask, which reduces pores. I have to say, I can only use the scrub about once a week because it's quite harsh, but the minty smell leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and awake.

I always always always buy these from Boots, as obviously you can pcik up points every time you shop there. So yesterday, I decided to check my points, and to my suprise I had £19 worth to use! This is the ideal way to buy expensive products, as you're kind of getting them for free, which can never be a bad thing. Not only this, but at the moment Boots are running a 3 for 2 on certain brands, which Soap and Glory happen to be part of, so get in there quick!

I've ordered Peaches and Clean, which is a deep cleaning milk for your face, Clear Here moisture lotion which is aimed at problem skin, and their Face Massage Mini Mitt which isto use with cleansers and exfoliators! I'm pretty excited to get these delivered, I love trying out new face products as I have quite problem skin and am always hopeful about finding that one product that will cure my outbreaks once and for all.

I usually like to give it a week before giving a review of products like these because you can never usually tell how good they are on the first try, but I'll be sure to let you all know how they are, and if they're worth the money!