Asos Purchases - Bows & Horses

Lately I've been trying to lay off buying myself clothes as it's nearly Christmas, so I think I should be spending my cash on others rather than myself. But when Asos has a sale and I find a decent discount code to use, I can't control myself.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to master the art of taking photos of myself on a timer with my DSLR yet, so you'll have to make do with cruddy iPhone instagram pics, but hopefully you'll get a good enough idea.

The first dress I bought was this cute horse print skater dress. It also comes in navy blue and white, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something a bit different with the mustard and black version. It's a lovely shape, quite long in the body which I love because I am all torso, no legs.

What I loved even more though was that it was reduced from £22 to £17.50 - bargain.
I paired this dress with my quite sturdy black waist belt (I think I got it from Claire's Accessories about 3 years ago!) to define my waist a bit more.

The second dress is this really pretty peter pan collar skater dress. Unfortunately this wasn't reduced, as it was £40 at full price, but I just couldn't resist that amazing bow collar. It's a petite exclusive dress, but again, I couldn't resist, so although it was a little short for me I just stretched it out a bit and now it's perfect. 

As with the last dress, I wore this with a belt, this time a skinny gold one from Primark, on my waist to define it a bit more otherwise I can look frumpy.

Are you as bad at resisting online shopping as I am?