UNIF Hellbound Dupes from DaisyStreet!

Another shoe post!

For ages ages ages I've wanted some UNIF Hellbounds, they are my ideal shoes. So chunky, high and different, like the big sister of the Lita. But the price was so offputting, and they seemed to be sold out basically everywhere.

But then, hooray, dupes started being made! And even better, these dupes weren't just in china and on eBay. Brilliant.

The Daisystreet Darbi boots are spot on the dupe front, with the 3inch platform, chunky heel and suede finish. They come with black leather laces, but I swapped these out for some white laces I bought on eBay.

These Darbi boots from Daisystreet.co.uk are currently reduced from £37.99 to an absolute bargain at £29.99! Which when you compare them to the UNIF price of around £160 is amazing. Especially as they're so close to the design.

What do you think of these dupes?